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Why I'm Running

With the coronavirus impacting all of us, Portland needs leaders more than ever with the experience to rebuild our economy, protect our most vulnerable populations and those impacted by job loss, and sustain our long term health and quality of life.

I’ll apply my executive public health leadership and deep experience in homelessness and economic development to address long term needs and immediate challenges of the pandemic.

I will lead Portland to take stronger action on housing and homelessness.

At Metro, I led regional efforts to expand housing and shelter.  In Portland, I will take immediate action on my plans to:

I will be a champion for a healthy, economically vital, and inclusive Portland. 

I’ve built partnerships creating jobs and apprenticeship programs and delivered low income Trimet fares. I’ve led Metro’s efforts to protect parks and open space. I’m fighting for living wage jobs for a sustainable city and economy. I will:

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